Protest Regarding Race 3, Sunday 1st May 2016



Race number 3 on Sunday 1st May 2016

Club race at BCYC

Protest by RS200 number 826

Full Protest

Boats Protested - All boats in fleet except RS200 number 159 and RS300 number 411.


Reason for protest

All boats protested did not sail the proper course and did not correct their course or retire.


Witness - Assistant Race Officer


Protesting boats statement and Facts Found


RS200 number 826 states that after completing the last back to back race of the day, she came ashore and asked the Race Officer for a protest form within 25 minutes of her finishing the race. (The protest time limit is 35 minutes after the LAST boat's finishing time),  The Race Officer advised that he had no protest form, confirmed at the protest by the Assistant Race Officer (Fact Found).


The assistant race officer confirmed that the finishing sheet presented at the protest was the finishing sheet for race 3 (Fact found).

The assistant race officer confirms that only three bots sailed the proper course as evidenced by the note written on the finishing sheet which states "All sailed wrong course except RS300 411, RS200 159 and RS200 826". (Fact Found).


Rules that apply - Rule 28 - Sailing the Course.


Decision - the protest is provisionally upheld and the boats listed below are scored DNF for race 3.

The protest was held without many of the protested boats having the opportunity to be present therefore the right of appeal is granted to any interested party until midnight on 18 May 2016 (2 weeks time), after which the decision will be incorporated into the results for race 3. If any appeal is lodged the protest will be re-opened and the parties invited to attend a new protest hearing.


Protest committee - chairman - Bob (Arky) Wainwright with Dave Barrett and Mark Percival.

4th May 2016, 2140 hours.


Boats protested       Enterprise 22501      Enterprise 21067         Enterprise 23351         Solo 4514

                                    Firefly 3551                 Enterprise 19054         Enterprise 22124         Enterprise 22704

                                    Solo 5152                    Laser 146452              Solo 5188                    Tasar 988


Christopher Baker - 04th May 2016

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