Enterprise Fleet

BCYC is home to one of the biggest fleets of Enterprises in Britain which means there are always other Enterprises to race against. Wednesday nights normally sees the number of Enterprises racing in double figures whilst Sundays racing hosts a keen but friendly Enterprise turnout. The regular Enterprise sailors have a strong reputation for being friendly and open. You will always get a warm welcome and  help from the many very experienced sailors - try standing around the Ent shed beside an Enterprise and see how many will come over and talk to you.

We have now introduced an 'Enterprise Sunday Sail-In' on the first Sunday of every month, with its own points, where we all make an effort to come down to race, and welcome any newcomers who would like to improve their sailing abilities.

This year on 27/28 April we will again be hosting the Enterprise Masters, a national competition for helms of 40 and over. Last year 50 boats were in competition, with BCYC in the rankings.

Your fleet captain is Bryan Smith: bryanesmith@tiscali.co.uk, sailing grey hull/red trim Enterprise 'Flic en Flac'.

The latest Enterprise Fleet News is available below:

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