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2000 Fleet

The 2000 fleet are a friendly and approachable bunch. We comprise of complete novices through to several of the Club's instructors and management team.
This offers a healthy mix of experienced sailors and those new to the sport. The versatility of the boat attracts many different kinds of sailors and their families.
The 2000 fleet has a good racing presence especially on the popular Wednesday summer evening series and in club racing every Sunday. We host Class Association open events now and again too.
Every 2nd Sunday in the month we have a fleet day, encouraging as many boats as possible to participate in the friendly rivalry that is 2000 racing. It's never too serious and the emphasis is on having fun with friends.
Throughout the summer months the occasional Saturday Sailing Socials are an opportunity to have a relaxed sail with the other members of the fleet. There is usually some ad hoc training offered and a little impromptu racing if the mood takes us.
Please feel free to get in contact with the Fleet Captain, Steve Pearce, if you'd like to join us in any way e.g. :

  • crewing,
  • become a BCYC member with your 2000,
  • be a day visitor with your 2000 to join in with the activities above, or
  • have a taster session in a 2000 before buying one of your own.

Useful links and attachments

Results from 21st and 22nd Race Weekend at BCYC

Contact Steve Pearce the Fleet Captain by e mail: 2000@bcyc.org.uk

Find a second hand boat through Apollo Duck: 

Find out about the Class Association including their library of information and events (+ classified ads): http://www.2000class.org/index.asp

Manufacturer's website including buying a new boat and spares: http://www.ldcsailing.com/

Marketing brochure form the former manufacturer (Laser): 2000 Leaflet


Steve Pearce
2000 Fleet Captain


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