OOD and Safety Duties

Please arrive by 10.00 am on Saturdays and Bank Holidays and by 09.00 am on Sundays and Open Meeting days.

All members of the duty Crew please note that permitted sailing times are the following:

Sundays and Bank Holidays - 10:30 to end of racing or 17:30 whichever is the later.

Saturdays - 11:30 to 17:30

Wednesdays (only between April and early September) - 19:00 to end of racing or 20:30 whichever is later.

Members are entitled to sail at any time during the above opening hours, unless you have abandoned sailing due to bad weather or dangerous conditions. It is therefore necessary to stay at the Club until the end of the sailing opening hours. However, the club has made clear to members that they should, as a courtesy, inform the duty crew if they wish to go out within the last hour of sailing.


If you are the OOD then please note:

Except on a Wednesday, when a Committee member will unlock and relock the clubhouse, please collect the keys from Lunn’s BP garage, on the A38 towards Brent Knoll (away from Bristol).  The key box is to the left of the door, by the telephone.  Use your gate key to open the box and take the keys, signing them out in the book provided.

Note the alarm code number written in the book in the box!!

Except on a Wednesday, unlocking and locking the Club and returning the keys to Lunn’s Garage at the end of the day is your responsibility.

Note the sequence for unlocking the Club.

Unlock the main door with the red key.

The alarm keypad is on the right hand side near the double doors to the lounge area.  The procedure is on the wall above the keypad, please follow it carefully.

It is your decision as to whether sailing or racing is permitted at any time on any duty day.  Shortage of crew members and/or sailing conditions may make this decision necessary, although any flag officer present should also be consulted.

It is also your responsibility to check that all members of that day’s duty crew sign on the sheet in the Race Box and to inform Rotasec (rotasec@bcyc.org.uk) by email as soon as possible afterwards of anyone who did not attend for his or her duty.

If you are OOD on racing days: with the OOD-Assistants, take the required marks out on the water and lay one of the courses as described in the Club Course Diagram displayed in the Race box.  You must also prepare and launch the powerboats for use and adjust the course for the prevailing conditions.  Arrange to record the lap times and final time of each competitor.  At the end of the day's racing recover the marks and return them to storage.  You are also responsible for enforcing club rules and caring for club property, organising any casual sailing and supervising the Assistant OODs.  There is a folder showing all the procedures in the Race Control office.  If you are in any doubt, please check Procedure 1-6 in the Race Control office for a checklist or ask any Club Committee member or Flag Officer, who will be pleased to help you.

At the end of the day all power boat engines must be in the vertical position and locked.  All lockable internal doors, boat storage sheds and fuel store must be re-locked before you leave.  This is essential for our insurance.

If you are OOD on a non-racing day (Saturdays and some Bank Holidays): Observe all the instructions and Procedure 1-6 apart from those relating to organising racing.  In particular, on Saturdays the petrol stock should be checked and any empty, or nearly empty, containers filled at Lunn’s garage.  The club has an account.

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